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Fire & Industrial Signalling.

Hootronic & GPH
Electro-mechanical alternative

The Hootronic range utilises the latest in amplifier and digital to analogue conversion technology to create alternatives to traditional mechanical industrial signals such as sirens, buzzers, claxons and bells, with improved
reliability at significantly lower current consumption and without a reduction in performance.

The products are zero maintenance (continuously rated) and accurately reproduce the following sounds: 470Hz industrial hooter, 1.7KHz high frequency sounder, 1.0KHz medium frequency siren, 450Hz buzzer and a mechanical bell. Each of these sounds have two additional, remotely selectable, alarm stages. The remote switch-off function generates genuine ‘tail off’ to sound when the alarm is terminated.

The GPH range is a UL approved general purpose signal in a lightwieght, robust PC enclosure.

The three alarm tones include a simulated electro-mechanical buzzer sound, traditionally only available from heavy, unreliable mechanical devices, plus two further warning tones. Suitable for 4” back box mounting the range includes surface mount and flush mount versions.

GPH Buzzers
Ref: 2-21-130
GPH3 & GPH4 Alarm Horn - Buzzer

10-30Vdc & 40-260Vac 50/60Hz
Max output 110dB(A) @ 1m -101dB(A) @ 10ft/3m
3 buzzer/sounder tones
152.0mm 152.0mm x 29.8mm
with optional backbox 65.5mm
5.98" x 5.98" x 1.17"
with optional backbox 2.58"